Miramar Carpet Cleaning Reviews

My son always tracks dirt in through tha back door. The guys at Miramar Carpet Cleaning gave me a deep clean and a steam clean. It looks pretty great, but I’m totally getting some scotchguard next time.
-Daniel n’ Danny Jr.
Ok, this guy Ben came to my house and I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea carpet cleaning was so complex. Keep up the good work!
 -Vanessa T

 The previous tenants in my apartment had 2 cats. I’m allergic to dander. The first night was pretty rough but Miramar CC came over the next day and gave me a steam clean with sanitize. I breath easy now. Thanks!
-David C.
I got a couple hundred off on a used yacht because all of the carpets were really dirty. Haha, not anymore!
-Quincy G.

A window broke at my store one night. It rained like crazy and I came in the next day to 2 in of water. Miramar Carpets came out with some vacuumes, some hoses, and some blowers. I was able to re-open the very next day!
-Timothy R.
You know that company with those yellow vans? I like Miramar Carpet Cleaning a lot better. For the price and the service!

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