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Before you rent a low-power portable steam cleaning machine, call Carpet Cleaning Miramar for a free estimate on high-power professional steam cleaning. Portable units don’t have the suction power that our truck mounted systems do and can leave your carpet with water damage. Trust Carpet Cleaning Miramar, your local steam cleaning experts, to remove virtually any type of stain.


Water damage comes in three categories: fresh water, chemical water, and black water. Carpet Cleaning Miramar is professionally certified but the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification to handle all three categories of water damage restoration. Don’t risk electrical shock by attempting to suction up large amounts of water with a household vacuum or shop vac, and that only leaves the job half done. For full remediation of water damage equipment such as air movers, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers must be placed in your home or office. Call Carpet Cleaning Miramar for your free estimate today.


Carpet Cleaning Miramar also steam cleans tile and grout. Years of dirt, dust, and grime get trapped in the grout and discolor it over time. Depending on your floor type Carpet Cleaning Miramar uses a professional-grade acid or alkaline pre-treatment to loosen dirt. Then our tile and grout cleaning equipment blasts it away at 1000 PSI and immediately suctions dirt away. Your tile and grout can shine again in just a couple of hours.


Beautiful area rugs can get dirty and look dingy after years of foot traffic and accumulated dust. Call Carpet Cleaning Miramar for area rug cleaning and restoration services. We offer free pick up and delivery on all area rugs, as well as a 100% pet odor removal guarantee. Some rugs can be steam cleaned inside the home but most are transported back to our facility where they are dusted, washed, rinsed, and dried. Carpet Cleaning Miramar also offers area rug storage, repair, and custom cut padding.


Oriental, Persian, or other delicate rugs are beautiful and treasured possessions. You can trust the customer service and rug care experts at Carpet Cleaning Miramar to handle your delicate rug with the attention it deserves. We hand wash oriental rugs and rinse them with soft water, then clean the fringes. Carpet Cleaning Miramar also has the capability to repair any rips, cuts or tears, and also re-fringe your oriental rug.


Carpet Cleaning Miramar has the equipment and expertise to steam clean furniture and upholstery. We use special upholstery pre-treatments then steam clean away stains and years of dirt from couches, sofas, loveseats, and more. We steam clean all types of upholstered furniture. No matter what color, no matter what type of stain; Carpet Cleaning Miramar can restore your upholstery.


Our powerful truck mounted and portable steam cleaning units are capable of restoring all upholstered furniture, carpets, drapery, mattresses, and some types of area rugs. Call Carpet Cleaning Miramar today and ask about steam cleaning more than one area in your home and bundling them for a special discount. We typically offer two types of packages. The Living Room package includes drapes, upholstery and carpets. The Whole Home package includes the entire living room, plus carpets and mattresses in other rooms, as well as any upholstered chairs. Call Carpet Cleaning Miramar today for your free estimate or to design your own custom steam cleaning package.

Our qualified representatives will answer all of your queries regarding your cleaning concerns and furnish you with a free estimate as well.

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