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Miramar Tile & Grout Cleaning

Miramar’s Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Miramar also specializes in tile and grout cleaning and restoration services. We can strip, pre-condition, buff, steam clean, and reseal your tile and grout. Don’t wait for dirt, dust, and filth to accumulate and become even more troublesome to remove. Carpet Cleaning Miramar offers money saving cleaning packages for three or more cleanings a year in your home or office.

Serving  zip codes. 33023, 33025, 33027, 33029.

Tile and Grout Restoration Equipment and Method

We use industry-leading truck mounted technology to steam clean tile and grout at up to 1000 PSI.  Miramar Tile and Grout Cleaning uses truck mounted steam cleaning units ensure that no heavy machinery is brought into your home or office. For harder to reach areas like apartments and condominiums we have portable steam cleaning units that are certified and tested to get your small areas cleaned as well.

Tile and Grout Miramar uses only the industry leading cleaning solutions to restore your tile and grout to its former cleanliness. Depending on the type of flooring, natural or man-made, we can use an acid-based or an alkaline-based cleaning solution. All of our products are safe for use around people and pets. We clean all types of hard flooring, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, Mexican tile, terrazzo, slate, and more!

Miramar Tile and Grout Restoration Services

After steam cleaning your tile and grout, we have the capability to dye any dingy grout back to its original color. After full tile and grout restoration we can also seal your floor to make it stain resistant and repel future spills and collecting of dust and dirt particles. Call Tile and Grout Cleaning Miramar Sunday through Friday at (954) 482-7316 to restore your tile and grout to its former glory.

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